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Media Training 101 Overview

Our Media Training 101 Workshop teaches spokespersons how to deliver an effective media interview with confidence.

Through extensive on-camera training, interactive exercises, and real-life examples, our trainees leave ready to take on the toughest interviewer.

We'll teach your spokespersons how to maintain control of a media interview through focused preparation, powerful messaging, and confident delivery. In your session, your trainees will learn how to:

  • Understand the rules of working with the media
  • Confidently interview for print, radio and television
  • Get the headline they want
  • Develop messages that have impact and get used
  • Use the "message support stool" to reinforce and strengthen messages
  • Take control of an interview
  • Bridge from reporter questions to their answers
  • Spot and avoid reporters' tricks
  • Identify the common pitfalls that doom interviews
  • Look great on television
  • Focus on non-verbal communication
  • Handle a media crisis
  • Interview for on-line and social media

Each workshop also includes a session called "The ATMs," in which we teach attendees how to answer the most off-topic and challenging media questions.

Prior to your session, we study the issues affecting your organization in order to develop dozens of practice interview questions directly relevant to your day-to-day life.

Everything about our approach to media training is different: our focus on ethical media training and messaging, our national broadcast journalism experience, our flat rate “no surprises” pricing, and our free post-training continuing education.

Sessions are available at your location or in our New York City or Washington, DC offices.

Click here to watch our media training video tips.