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Advanced Media Training Overview

Our Advanced Media Training Workshop is designed for the experienced media spokesperson – or the beginner facing a challenging media landscape.

During this advanced workshop, spokespersons will learn to master the most demanding media formats, such as debate-style talk shows, ambush interviews, and partisan cable news programs.

Trainees will also learn advanced media techniques, such as issue reframing, going to the opposite plane, and using enhanced sound bites. 

Through extensive on-camera training, interactive exercises, and real-life examples, our trainees leave ready to take on the toughest interviewer. 

Advanced Media Training teaches spokespersons how to handle:

  • The local reporter who never seems to get it right
  • The reporter who believes your opponents’ arguments are true
  • The insistent journalist who keeps demanding a yes or no answer
  • A debate-style interview when your opponent keeps attacking your views
  • A press conference with angry journalists firing questions at you
  • A remote interview where you have to look directly into the camera
  • A remote interview when the audio goes dead
  • An interrupter like Chris Matthews
  • A partisan host like Bill O’Reilly
  • A satellite media tour when you have 20 interviews in 90 minutes
  • A crisis situation when you’ve been wrongly accused
  • A crisis situation when you’ve been rightly accused
  • A crisis situation when your lawyers tell you to keep quiet

Prior to your session we study the issues affecting your organization in order to develop dozens of practice interview questions directly relevant to your day-to-day life. 

Sessions are available at your location or in our New York City or Washington, DC offices.