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Keynote Speeches

How many times have you attended an annual conference or staff retreat and thought, “Oh, please. Not another speaker?!?”

If you’ve suffered through one too many boring keynotes, our media training speeches are the remedy.

Engaging, humorous, and highly effective, our speeches are anything but the boring session filled with the “do’s and don’ts.”

Instead, we will teach your attendees how to be more effective spokespersons through compelling real-life stories from the trenches, tales of spokespersons who failed miserably by ignoring proper interview technique, and video examples that bring it all home.

Speeches are individually prepared for each client and customized to include relevant examples. Our past speeches have included: 

  • The five secrets great spokespersons know
  • The eight rules of working with the media
  • Seven ways to control your message
  • Twelve rules for interviewing success
  • Answering the tough questions
  • The five reporters and ten questions designed to trap you
  • What to do when a crisis hits
  • How to deliver a compelling speech
  • ...and many more

Our speeches typically range from 45 – 90 minutes, but we can customize our format to meet your needs.