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Audiences are likely to forget as much as 95 percent of what you say during a speech – within just nine weeks of your presentation.

Yet most speakers use the same ineffective format, time and time again.

Our presentation training sessions are designed to help you break through to your audience. We’ll help make your speeches more memorable, your words more effective, and your delivery more powerful.

Prior to your customized workshop we’ll review your previous and upcoming speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and any video clips, in order to fully prepare for your session. In your session, you will learn how to:

  • Sharpen the story you want to tell
  • Align your talk to the audience’s needs
  • Grab the audience with a powerful opening
  • Organize your speech for memorability
  • Insert stories and statistics to reinforce your messages
  • Issue a closing call-to-action 
  • Deliver a speech with contagious energy
  • Maximize your vocal range – and silences
  • Forge a connection with eye contact
  • Move with purpose
  • Speak with open gestures and confident posture
  • Maintain control during question and answer sessions 
  • Use (not abuse) PowerPoint
  • Prepare for any speech in an hour or less

In addition, we offer testimony training for spokespersons delivering testimony on Capitol Hill or to state legislatures. These sessions focus on helping speakers deliver powerful testimony in a short period of time and handle challenging questions with ease.

Sessions are available at your location or in our New York City or Washington, DC offices.